Circoflo systems and service impress West Yorkshire gas engineer.

Despite 40 years spent working as a gas installer/gas manager, Andy Neville had never been involved with fitting or servicing underfloor heating but adding a new extension to his own home, and deciding traditional radiators just wouldn’t suit the space led him to making use of CircofloPro’s sized-to-fit offering.

Looking for a solution he visited the CircofloPro stand during one of last year’s PHEX exhibitions, resulting in the company providing a fully tailored solution, including on-site support: the package using both the FloFloor and CircoBoard systems, along with the necessary pipe lengths, manifolds, controls and other fittings.

Andy commented: “I’ve installed hundreds of central heating systems over the years, but never used underfloor heating. However, when we had an extension to our home built, totally bespoke to our needs and it was a question of whether radiators would look right, the answer was definitely no. Then making my annual visit to the PHEX trade fair at Old Trafford I met Brendan Hourican on the Circoflo stand and he offered to come up and look at the project. Amongst the challenges were, adding a large floor area to a system running off a 20 year old Vokera 28 kW gas boiler and having an existing area of suspended timber floor to address, meeting the new floating chipboard floor in the extension. Circoflo provided room specific kits along with the drawings.  The systems not only seem robust, but the results have been fantastic.

There are six systems within the range, all of which utilise the same 12mm pipe, available in lengths of 50, 70 or 90 metres and a choice of two, three or four-port mini-manifolds to reduce congestion of pipework, while also minimising depth of construction.

The CircoBoard panels employed within the existing ground floor room were fitted flush on brackets between the joists, although they can be installed on battens before being covered over with the actual flooring panels. The FloFloor panels were laid over the chipboard substrate in the extension.

Completing the range, the ClipRail or Staple System offer the easy way to heat a screeded floor, TileDeck is the lightweight retrofit system for tiled or vinyl floor finishes, while LowDeck provides the ideal low profile retrofit solution.




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